Sony Ericsson Flashing

Patching with Setool2 lite

First of all, open up Setool lite(preferably version 1.08 and onward)



1.Choose your phone model e.g W700 from the drop-down box at the top.



2.Now choose your patch from the browse box in the "Misc" toolbar. Browse to your patch and select it.




3.After choosing your patch, click on the "Write Script" button on the right.



4.Now, turn your phone off, remove the sim and(while keeping the phone off) insert the cable into your phone while pressing "C" on your phone.


5a.When it tells you to, detach the cable, remove the battery then put it back in.
5b.Then press the "ready" button and re-attach the cable.



6.After a while a window will pop-up. Press "No" to apply the patch.
If u ever want to remove the patch, press "Yes"



Wait some time for it to process and that's it!! We're done!

Patching with FAR(SEFP)

now we shall learn to patch using the FAR Manager method (this is for w700/w800/k750)

1.Install the flash drivers.

2.Connect ur phone to Xs++

3.On flash main firmware click on "...."(the path) and browse to Far\Plugins.

4.Double click on k750w800_r2e_dcu.49r.ssw and then hit flash.

5.Wait for 20 seconds and then click "close" and disconnect ur phone.Re-insert ur battery.

6.Now put your patch inside the FAR folder.

7.Now open FAR.

9.Hit F11 and select SEFP and hit Enter.

10.Select DCU-60 cable, Speed:921600 Ignore "Flow" If u have cid36 then select Boot Script: K750_w800_CID36

And If u have cid49 select Boot Script: K750_w800_cid49

11. Hit enter on "Enter The Matrix"

12.Now connect ur phone in the XS++ way

13.Now u'l see two folders "FS" and "FLASH"

14. Double click on FLASH

15. After it loads , select the patch from the FAR folder(on ur left) and drag it to the empty space below "memory"

16. Now a window will come up. Press "copy" then another window will pop-up in that press "flash".

17.Now after it's done click close on the new pop-up.

18.Then navigate to Far\Plugins\REST using FAR and then drag the REST file according to ur phone to the empty space beneath "memory" . E.g for my w700 r1ca021 i would use : REST_W700_R1CA021

19. Then after its done disconnect ur phone , re-insert the battery and ur done!!

How to Patch Using GSlide




A tutorial for applying patches using GSlide by kcscm:

(i think this is the hardest way to patch)

(install flash drivers)

1.Open GSlide click(mark) on BABE

2.Then choose the flash file by click on ... and browse to ur W800i_R1BC002_MAIN......

3. Then add OR remove patches by using ADD OR REMOVE options present in GSlide.

4.Specify the output path.(Eg:C:\MAINFLASH.BIN)

5.Then click process and wait for some time.

6.After completing the process use XS++ v1.2 to flash that ready-made main.

7. Then connect ur phone to XS++ , check on flash main and browse to the ready-made main
(in my case it is C:\MAINFLASH.BIN).then hit flash and wait until the flash process is done.
then disconect u r phone..... and start and enjoy.....